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Fishway boosts fish migration in Brisbane waterway

Some positive environmental effects can now be seen in waterways in Brisbane and other areas of SE Queensland in spite of the major impacts of recent flood rains. Sustained flow in Enoggera Creek in recent months has lead to a substantial increase in native freshwater fish populations in the creek, as wetlands rejuvinate and ecological processes kick in following years of drought. A fishway installed in Enoggera Creek at the Bennett Road culvert has also boosted fish migration to upstream reaches in response to these flows. The Bennett Road fishway, incorporating Walaman Block Ramp and Offset Baffle fishway designs, has allowed upstream migration of at least 7 native freshwater species at the site. This includes Gudgeon, Rainbowfish, Hardyhead, Australian Smelt and Bony Bream, ranging in size from 2 cm – 9 cm. A specially designed fish monitoring cage used to sample fish movement shows more than 50 fish / hour have been moving through the fishway under design flow conditions.