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Walaman features in fishway design talk at SIAQ event

The merits of the Walaman prefabricated fishway system were outlined in a talk on fish passage design to the Stormwater Industry Association of Queensland (SIAQ) September 2010 technical meeting. In his presentation Fishway design 101: More than a few rocks and a splash of wishful thinking, Environmental engineer Ross Kapitzke from James Cook University School of Engineering and Physical Sciences described how aquatic fauna connectivity / fish passage was a natural fit for the stormwater industry and contemporary design practices such as Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD). After identifying typical hydraulic barriers to fish migration at stormwater infrastructure such as road culverts, Ross described how fish passage solutions are greatly assisted with the use of fishway components such as the Offset Baffle and Block Ramp fishways provided by Walaman Fishways. Applications of the hydraulic design approach to fish passage, and merits of the prefabricated fishway system were demonstrated with design data, photos and video.

Download the handout for Ross’s presentation at the SIAQ technical event

Link to the SIAQ website for the full slide version of Ross’s presentation