Offset Baffle Fishway

The Offset Baffle fishway for box culverts, aprons and channels is used to overcome high velocities, shallow flow depths and lack of resting place at structures. This fishway type has the following performance characteristics:

  • series of low baffles fixed to structure base (perpendicular baffle; oblong baffle at 30°)
  • suited to relatively shallow high velocity flow in culvert barrels, on inlet / outlet aprons, and channelised waterways where large velocity reductions are required for fish passage
  • applies to steep culverts / aprons / channels or culverts with low tailwater conditions, where tailwater levels may be raised (e.g. rock ramps placed downstream)
  • less suited to low gradient culverts and deep slow water environments that provide conditions more prone to sedimentation and blockage of the Offset Baffle fishway

Download one page brochure – Offset Baffle fishway

Offset Baffle Fishway Configuration