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Community groups visit Enoggera Creek fishway site

With the Enoggera Creek Bennett Road fishway now in place, a number of site visits for community groups and other stakeholders have been held. Representatives from catchment groups in Brisbane and surrounding areas were shown the fishway by Environmental engineer and fishway designer Ross Kapitzke from James Cook University School of Engineering and Physical Sciences. Ross demonstrated how the Walaman fishway products have been used in the project design and described how the fishway was expected to operate during flow events in Enoggera Creek. The Offset Baffle and Block Ramp fishway devices were described and their effectiveness in overcoming hydraulic barriers to fish migration through the culvert was discussed. Ross outlined the planning and design process for a fishway such as this, and described the hydraulic, biological and physical monitoring program presently underway for the Bennett Road site.

Download the handout for Ross’s presentation at the Bennett Road site visit