Walaman fishway products are prefabricated units that are readily installed at culvert, grade control and other small waterway structures. The Walaman fishway components are manufactured under controlled conditions in the factory, and are installed within fishway facilities that are designed for the particular waterway structure and site characteristics.

Walaman precast concrete fishway products are manufactured by C M Concrete Products at Yatala in south east Queensland. Supply of products for particular fishway projects is based on a schedule of components for the fishway facility, produced as part of the project design. Fishway products can be delivered to sites anywhere in Australia.

Walaman fishway components are developed as part of leading-edge fishway systems that incorporate modular units, configured to provide the desired hydraulic conditions for upstream fish passage while meeting other multipurpose design requirements for the site.

The Block Ramp fishway and Offset Baffle fishway have been developed for the 1200 mm wide fishway system, and are suited to use in 1500 mm and 1800 mm wide systems. Other fishway types are used, including the EL baffle fishway with floor and wall mounted units for installation in box culverts.

The Block Ramp fishway includes the Ridge Block (Registered Design # 328586), Riser Block and Ramp Channel units.

The Offset Baffle fishway comprises the Oblong Baffle Channel (Registered Design # 328587) and Perpendicular Baffle units. Training Wall units and cast-in-place access walkways may also be used in these fishway configurations.