Walaman Fishways provides a range of prefabricated fishways for installation at culverts and other small waterway structures to overcome hydraulic barriers to fish migration, to provide for aquatic fauna connectivity, and to meet other multipurpose design requirements.

Walaman prefabricated fishway products are used in a number of different site configurations in projects where fish migration barrier problems are to be overcome. For example, this can include road culverts with a drop at the outlet and high velocity zones within the culvert barrel, or small waterway structures such as weirs and grade control with water surface drops downstream of the structure.

A number of fishway types incorporating Walaman products are used at these sites. For example, the Block Ramp fishway is used to overcome water surface drop, and the Offset Baffle fishway provides for upstream fish passage in high velocity culvert zones. The EL Baffle fishway incorporates floor and wall mounted units for use in box culverts where fish passage is required in deeper flow conditions.

Various prefabricated fishway components are used within the fishway type configurations.

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