Walaman Fishways are incorporated into facilities as part of new projects (e.g. highway or land developments) or are used as retrofits to overcome fish migration barriers at existing waterway structures (e.g. culvert crossings, grade control structures).

The prefabricated fishway components are normally fixed on concrete base slabs or ramp foundations within or adjacent to the waterway structures. The Offset Baffle fishways are placed on culvert inverts and on inlet / outlet aprons. Low benches may be provided in cross-slope sections, at culvert transitions and in channelised waterways.

Ramp benches at grades of between 1 in 8 and 1 in 24 are provided as foundations for the Block Ramp fishway. These benches may be located downstream of grade control and other drop structures, and upstream or downstream of culvert structures.

Access walkways are provided adjacent to the fishway facility at some sites to allow for maintenance access and for monitoring and evaluation of newly developed designs. The walkway structure may provide one wall of the fishway channel through the structure.

Installation of the fishway is based on assembly drawings for the project and a schedule of components for the fishway facility, produced as part of the project design.