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Walaman passes fishway test at Enoggera Creek

The Walaman Fishways prefabricated fishway system installed in the Enoggera Creek Bennett Road culvert in Brisbane has passed its first test in relation to fish passage. Designed to provide for upstream fish migration in low flow conditions, the fishway has now been tested during flow depths of between 330 mm and 600 mm at the structure. Biological monitoring using a fish cage placed alternately within the fishway channel upstream of the Offset Baffle and Block Ramp fishway sections has revealed in excess of 50 fish / hour passing through the fishway. This includes at least 7 native freshwater fish species, including juvenile and adult fish of between 2 cm – 9 cm. Severe hydraulic conditions in adjoining sections of the culvert prevent upstream fish migration due to high velocities, lack of shelter, shallow flow and water surface drop. Ongoing biological monitoring of the fishway will sample fish communities downstream of the site and examine fish passage effectiveness in terms of successful movement through each of the fishway sections over a range of flow depths.

Download folio of fishway design flows, monitoring and fish passage